Special Event: The Wave of Stone

The Wave of Stone

piers and landing-places tell the Inner Sea

Photographic exhibition of Marco Molino

“The Wave of Stone” stands where the sea meets the land, the instant in which men can shape it and make it material to impose billows their trades, their lives. Breakwaters, piers, moorings: they seem to deprive the nature of its jurisdiction, yet it are inextricably linked, as the people that move and dream on the border between the two elements.

The photographs chosen for this occasion are "fragments" collected following the path of research and knowledge that the author has undertaken along the shores of the Mediterranean and intends to combine the journalistic approach with a more intimate point of view, seemingly less goal: short circuit necessary that puts the viewer at the center of facts to provide a possible interpretation of this kaleidoscope of places, people, history and stories perhaps irreducible to a consistent logical thread. The experience gained during the trip (which continues) were told in articles published in newspapers and magazines, reportage images and photography exhibitions.

Marco Molino, born in 1968, is a freelance journalist based in Naples. He currently writes for the cultural page of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno. From 2006 to 2010 he collaborated with the Sole 24 Ore, for which he conducted investigations on the world economic and institutional Campania and management of the cultural heritage of the historic center of Naples. His articles have also appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. And 'even photos and video reporters. In 2013, his photographic exhibition "Mare Interno – Approdi Comuni" was presented in the Space-Art NEA of Naples.

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